Dapo Olajuwon’s EPL prediction: Game Week 37


Tottenham vs Burnley- 1 (Tip: 3-0)

Burnley didn’t put up a good fight when they lost to Aston Villa last time out which is unusual of them. I think it’s the first time I saw them like that since Mike Jackson took charge. We should get a reaction from them here even though Spurs might be too much for them to handle. Tottenham’s win over Arsenal was a massive result for the Spurs and they showed us they are a force to reckon with. They’re 1 point behind Arsenal and I’m sure they won’t leave any food uneaten at the moment. I’ll have my eyes on Kane & Son once again – tipping them to contribute to goals. I’m sure they won’t give Arsenal a breathing space until the season runs out even if they don’t eventually make the top 4. FT: TOT 1-0 BUR

Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace- over 1.5 (Tip: 1-1)

Aston Villa played well against Liverpool last time out but they just couldn’t get something out of that game. I think the difference in quality separated them. They will have a balanced game against the Eagles who seem to be their equal plus they are playing at home here and will create enough chances. Crystal Palace are on a good run and will be a handful going forward. I think a draw will be a fair result for both sides. FT: ASV 1-1 CRY

Leeds Utd vs Brighton- 2X (Tip: 1-2)

Brighton are on a good run and they play better on the road. For a fact, they have got more points away from home this season and are beginning to score goals. Leeds, on the other hand, are desperate and I think they might just be the team to relegate with Norwich and Watford if and only if Burnley get something against Spurs earlier in the day. They need to be smart and clever with the way they approach a game now considering that they’ve got a player sent off in each of their last two games. If they’re going to get something here, they need to avoid red cards and stop opening up at the back – park the bus if you have to. FT: LEE 1-1 BRI

Watford vs Leicester- 2 (Tip: 0-2)

After 11 consecutive home defeats for Watford, they earned a point against Everton last time out as a result of parking the bus but I don’t think it will work here against Leicester who’s got Jamie Vardy back fully fit and causing troubles for his opponent’s defense. The return of Vardy has been a huge addition to the Foxes and they are now playing well again. Watford have a poor record, so I can’t make any case for them. I will have my eyes on Harvey Barnes, Jamie Vardy, and James Maddison covering grounds for the Foxes and sailing them to victory. FT: WAT 1-5 LEI

West Ham vs Man City- 2X (Tip: 1-2)

Man City have got a couple of injuries but I think Pep Guardiola will just get a player to step up into the role and get the job done. West Ham will capitalize on this and maximize it; posing both aerial and set-piece threats. However, Man City will still finish above Liverpool if they drop points here on goal difference but with the attacking quality in the City team, I feel they will have more possession and are capable of winning the game even if it is to manage to cross the line. FT: WHU 2-2 MCI

Wolves vs Norwich- 1X (Tip: 1-0)

Wolves are on a poor run and got ripped apart by Man City last time out. This should be a perfect game to put a smile on their fans’ faces and also it is their last home game. Norwich are already planning for next season’s championship campaign and I think they might just start doing some experiments, checking out new game styles. They have nothing to play for nor to lose. FT: WOL 1-1 NOR

Everton vs Brentford- 1X (Tip: 1-0)

Everton have been resilient and they deserve to be where they are today. Their fans have been wonderful and I’m jealous of the kind of fans they’ve got. Despite all tribulations this season, they stood by the team and cheered them up even in the games they lost. I think the fans’ factor and wise use of their physicality are part of the reasons they keep grinding out results. Brentford are doing good and will perform well here but I think he who fights to survive is always more dangerous which is Everton in this case. I think the Toffees will do well enough to get something out of this game. FT: EVE 2-3 BRE


Newcastle vs Arsenal- over 1.5 (Tip: 1-1)

Arsenal are playing away from home again and it worries me here. Like I’ve been saying, they’re not as good as they used to be at home when they are on the road. We all saw them ripped apart by Tottenham last time out on the road. Now that they are under pressure, I would see exactly what kind of mentality they have. Newcastle are now playing good football and I will be eager to see how the Gunners break away when the Magpies get at them. Arsenal have their fate in their hands for the top 4 and they must not expect Tottenham to drop points- not just against the Clarets and the Canaries. FT: NEW 2-0 ARS