Dapo Olajuwon’s EPL Prediction: Game Week 38 – Final Prediction of the 2021/2022 season.

Game Week 38 is the final game week of the 2021/2022 season. A profound gratitude to all of our viewers and we say thank you for staying with us. Kindly keep in touch as we’ve got you covered for the next season. Also, we will be accessing the accuracy of the “Dapo Olajuwon’s EPL Prediction” in the mean time. Kindly enjoy this. Don’t go away, we will be back shortly.


Arsenal vs Everton- 1X (Tip: 2-1)
I don’t think Everton and their fans would have come off the celebration of surviving relegation after they got a 3-2 comeback victory against Crystal Palace last time out. I think this match won’t mean much to them as they have officially and mathematically survived relegation. All of this means I’m expecting Arsenal to get something out of this game. The Gunners have been on a rough path for a couple of weeks until they blew up the top 4 fates which they had in their hands. They were poor against Newcastle last time out and lost it all. I hope they would be forgiven and get support from the fans because everyone knows they shot themselves in the leg. FT: ARS 5-1 EVE

Brentford vs Leeds Utd- 1X (Tip: 2-1)
Who wants it more? It is Leeds of course, but I don’t think they can get it. Brentford have been on a higher level than Leeds since the arrival of Christian Eriksen who has been the differential. Leeds need to avoid being opened at the back and refuse to be naive as I feel the Bees have got goals in them. Until recent times I have never been bothered about Leeds relegating because I feel they have what it takes to stay up, but I feel the other way round now. I just have that feeling that they will go down. FT: BRE 1-2 LEE

Brighton vs West Ham- 2X (Tip: 1-2)
Brighton have had a great campaign but they’re not on the same level as West Ham. From observations, the Seagulls play better away from home and have gotten more points on the road than they have got at home this season. Here they play at home and I’m not convinced they could surprise us with a win but they could get a draw because they are a draw specialist. West Ham had a good performance last time out against Man City; putting the league leaders behind with two goals but they didn’t have enough squad depth to seal off the win. So I will be expecting them to be in action in the summer transfer window. I think David Moyes would have spoken to his boys and like to see amendments here and end the season with a win. FT: BHA 3-1 WHU

Burnley vs Newcastle- Under 3.5 (Tip: 1-1)
Newcastle have done their assignment and they are mathematically safe. I don’t think they have something to play for after showing their fans, manager, and the club how good they can be as they defeated Arsenal 2-0 last time out. So I won’t be surprised if they don’t get anything out of this game. Burnley are determined to avoid relegation with the way they managed to keep Aston Villa out last time out. I think they will play with the same spirit here with the aim of “don’t get beaten no matter what” and let Leeds Utd take the fall if Brentford beat them. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed here. FT: BUR 1-2 NEW

Chelsea vs Watford- 1 (Tip: 2-0)
These two teams have had a rough season and this could be the last game for some players in both teams such as Chelsea’s Rudiger who’s on his way to Real Madrid, Azpilicueta who’s on his way to Barcelona and I’m sure Watford also would have some players leave the club. I think the quality difference will come to play and Chelsea will be determined to win this game at all costs to send farewell to the players that are going to leave especially for Azpilicueta, their captain. FT: CHE 3-1 WAT

Crystal Palace vs Man Utd- 2X (Tip: 1-2)
Man United’s new coach Erik Ten Hag will be coming to Selhurst Park to watch this game and I think this would make the Red Devils play well. All of them will want to play at their best maybe the incoming manager would see the good in them and have a space in his team. Crystal Palace have had a great season under Patrick Vieira and the way lost to Everton last time out was incredible. We should see a reaction from the Eagles here but I think Man United would be a completely different side here because of the presence of Erik Ten Hag. FT: CRY 1-0 MNU

Leicester vs Southampton- over 1.5 (Tip: 1-1)
These two teams are so inconsistent which makes it hard to predict their outcomes. Southampton have won only one game out of their last 11 games but I still won’t rule them out completely to get something out of this game because they can be suddenly good and get a result. Leicester have found some rhythms because Jamie Vardy has been back fully fit, playing well and scoring goals. Also, he has caused Maddison and Barnes to step up their game and they are getting results. This gives me more confidence that the Foxes would get something out of this game and maybe probably go on to win. FT: LEI 4-1 SOU

Liverpool vs Wolves- 1 (Tip: 2-0)
I think Wolves have already ended their season a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think anyone should expect anything from them here because they do not pose any threat anymore and also, going to Anfield alone is like breathing a different air. Liverpool will ensure a win here hoping Aston Villa help them to hold Man City to win the league. I think Jürgen Klopp will field his best men and ensure they beat Wolves without a doubt. FT: LIV 3-1 WOL

Man City vs Aston Villa- 1 (Tip: 2-0)
We saw how Man City struggled last time out against West Ham – they were 2 goals down and they still managed to recover from it and settled for a draw. This tells you how good this team is. The same goes for Liverpool so I’m not surprised they are the only ones competing against each other while others are just followers. I can boldly say these two teams are on a different higher level while all other teams are beneath them. Aston Villa would give them a good fight but City will find a way around them to make sure they win and lift the league title – the only trophy they can lay their hands on this season. FT: MCI 3-2 ASV

Norwich vs Tottenham- 2 (Tip: 0-3)
Tottenham, as we know, always disappoint us when we least expect but not this time because they have fought so hard to get into that position which they are in now. They just need a point to seal it off but I can see them winning this big, especially for Son Heung-Min who is a golden boot contender with one goal behind Liverpool’s Mo’ Salah. No disrespect to Norwich but I can’t see them getting anything out of this game rather than to be blown away by those who want it more, who are going to play for a great course. FT: NOR 0-5 TOT