Dapo Olajuwon’s EPL prediction: Game Week 2 with Tobiloba Olusodo

Tobiloba Olusodo; an Arsenal fan from Ibadan, Nigeria.

He’s been my brother since I was very young. My siblings and I call him “Biggy, Big Toby, Big Tee, Sir Tee” because of his stature. I remember how he used to troll me in the room at night whenever Man City lost back then. “You don’t have a club because Man City aren’t a club. Go and find a club to support”, he would say to me and sometimes I would go to bed angrily. Quite funny huh?

Reason being an Arsenal fan: “I started supporting Arsenal as a fan in 1995. I just love the culture of the club and what they stand for.”


Aston Villa vs Everton

Both teams lost their first league game last time out and they will be eager to secure their first points of the season here. However, they will both be careful and this can result in a boring game. Everton weren’t that bad defensively last time out against Chelsea, but their attack is the major problem. I can’t see where their goals will come from here but if they do find, I think it won’t be more than one. Aston Villa, on the other hand, were disappointing against Bournemouth last time out and I feel some things are not right at Villa Park. The Lions have let their fans down on the road last week but I don’t think they will let them down at home. I think it is going to be a low-scoring affair and a draw won’t be a bad result for either side.


Tip: ASV 1-1 EVE

Tobi Olusodo: Aston Villa were poor against Bournemouth last week and cannot afford another poor result this weekend. Everton played well against Chelsea but they were unlucky. Here is an opportunity for them to move up the league table.

PREDICTION: 2X (Away win or draw)

Tip: ASV 0-1 EVE


Arsenal vs Leicester

Leicester are still the only club that hasn’t signed any player this summer and I wasn’t bothered until I saw them give away a two goal lead against Brentford last time out. Now they face an opponent who has beaten them four times in their last five meetings. Brendan Rodgers needs to tidy up his defense and avoid conceding goals anyhow, especially in the 2nd half when they are supposed to see a game off. Arsenal had an impressive pre-season and proceeded to back it up with a 0-2 win on the road against Crystal Palace last time out. I don’t think Leicester should be a problem here considering how they’ve always found their way around the Foxes before now that they’ve added quality to their team. I believe it is going to be a good game for Arsenal and I’m tipping them to score two goals or more.


Tip: ARS 2-0 LEI

Tobi Olusodo: Leicester conceded 2 goals last week against Brentford continuing a trend that has seen them drop 23 points from winning positions since the start of last season. Arsenal, on the other hand, have strengthened their defense and attack. I back Arsenal to win.

PREDICTION: 1 (Home win)

Tip: ARS 2-0 LEI


Tobi’s opinion about Arsenal this season: They will qualify for UEFA Champions League this season. They will perform well and I look forward to our achievement this season.

Brighton vs Newcastle

These two teams won their first game of the campaign last week and I think they will both want to pick up from where they left. Brighton are a good team but Newcastle have quality as they’ve been showing it since the second half of last season. This is hard to predict and I would like to sit on the fence but if I’m forced to pick a side, I would pick Newcastle because I think they’re most likely to win the midfield battle. I have a feeling that both teams are going to score.


Tip: BHA 1-1 NEW

Tobi Olusodo: Both teams started the season on a good note. Teams will need more matches to have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in the new season. I back Newcastle to win or draw.

PREDICTION: 2X (Away win or draw)

Tip: BHA 1-2 NEW


Man City vs Bournemouth

Bournemouth got a good win against Aston Villa at home last week but this is not a game we should expect them to win unless they surprise us. I don’t think anybody would mind if they lose this fixture regardless of the scoreline. This is one of the games in which Erling Haaland could be hoping to get his first hattrick in the Premier League. Man City have got goals in every department and the Cherries would hardly touch the ball which will frustrate them. This is not a game to determine what Bournemouth are made up of on the road because irrespective of the players Pep Guardiola would put out on the field, almost everyone knows they will get the job done.


Tip: MCI 4-0 BOU

Tobi Olusodo: The defending Champions had success in the opening game and their new striker is up and running. Bournemouth are a newly promoted team but I think they can give Guardiola a scare after their 2-0 win over Aston Villa.

PREDICTION: 1 (Home win)

Tip: MCI 3-0 BOU


Southampton vs Leeds Utd

Southampton got ripped apart by Tottenham last week after they took the lead and the way they played, for me, indicated that they are hardworking but they are lacking quality in the team. Leeds Utd managed to cross the line to victory last week against Wolves which is a good win for them and should boost their confidence. I don’t think these two teams are very much different from each other in terms of quality and they can’t stop conceding goals because they’ve got a porous defense. When these two sides meet, there is always a chance that both of them will score, which is why I’m not going to back either of them here.


Tip: SOU 1-1 LEE

Tobi Olusodo: Southampton were defensively poor against Tottenham and have several issues to address at the moment. Leeds are in better form at the moment and hold the upper hand going into this game. I am backing Leeds for a win.

PREDICTION: 2 (Away win)

Tip: SOU 1-3 LEE


Wolves vs Fulham

Wolves lost their first league game to Leeds Utd last week narrowly away from home. They needed a striker, now they’ve gotten Gonçalo Guedes so they should be a handful here against Fulham. Their performance should improve here compared to last week’s performance which was worrisome against the Whites. Fulham would be going into this game with a great confidence after they got a draw against Liverpool last time out; a game they stood a chance to win. With Mitrovic on form and their attacking football, the Cottagers look like they’ve got goals in them but I think we will see a different Wolves side which should be very physical even though I’m tempted to go with Fulham. Wolves let down their fans away from home last week but I think they won’t let that happen here because this is their first home game and they will want to give their home fans something positive.


Tip: WOL 1-1 FUL

Tobi Olusodo: A tough fixture to call at this early stage of the season. Fulham certainly impressed as they held a strong Liverpool side to a draw, while Wolves suffered a 2-1 defeat against Leeds last time out. I back Fulham for a win or draw.

PREDICTION: 2X (Away win or draw)

Tip: WOL 1-2 FUL


Brentford vs Man Utd

I really don’t like to go against Man Utd because they are a great club but I have to be honest here. There are problems at Man Utd and it is hard to make a case for them. Their performance against Brighton is worrisome and if they don’t improve here significantly, they will get a similar result. I think Erik ten Hag should let Cristiano Ronaldo lead the forward line here and I don’t buy the pairing of Harry Maguire & Lisandro Martínez as center backs. Brentford got a good result against Leicester last time out bouncing back into the game from 2 goals down. Ivan Toney, once again, has proved himself to be a threat and I think the Bees would be a handful here. They are a physical team and will be confident going into this one as they play at home with the fans factor. I have a feeling that Brentford would get something out of this game.


Tip: BRE 2-1 MNU

Tobi Olusodo: Brentford left it late in the last match to score an equalizer against Leicester city. Their attack paid off in the end and they will be high on confidence going into their next match. Man Utd were left pointless at home last weekend by Brighton. Erik ten Hag is looking for his first league win and the fans are furious. I’m backing Man Utd for the win.

PREDICTION: 2X (Away win or draw) / BTTS (Both teams to Score)

Tip: BRE 1-2 MNU



Nott. Forest vs West Ham

Nott. Forest are not finding it easy starting their Premier League Campaign after a long time. They got beaten by Newcastle last week and now they face West Ham. I believe they will be fine as time goes on. West Ham were outclassed by Man City last time out and now they need to do the same to Forest here. It won’t be an easy game for the Hammers because they have injury concerns and also it’s Nott. Forest’s first home game. Forest will get in their face because they will want to show their fans something positive but I believe David Moyes technical knowledge will help West Ham get over the line.


Tip: NFO 1-2 WHU

Tobi Olusodo: Nottingham were poor at attacking last match and they didn’t pose much threat. West ham will go all out to win against Nottingham.

PREDICTION: 2 (Away win)

Tip: NFO 1-3 WHU


Chelsea vs Tottenham

Tottenham’s record at Stamford Bridge since February 1990 doesn’t speak well of them but I think they have a chance now to flip it. In their last seven meetings, Tottenham have only scored once while Chelsea kept clean sheets. I feel a bit different here though because of the signings Antonio Conte has made and how they took Southampton piece by piece last week. Chelsea, on the other hand, got an unconvincing win against Everton last week, a team I believe they have a crisis. If Chelsea do not improve a lot better here, I can’t see them winning and they’ll be lucky to get a draw here. If Thomas Tuchel is aware of this, he might set up his team to make the game a cagey one whereby Tottenham’s duty will be to find a way through. I think it is going to be a low-scoring affair.


Tip: CHE 1-1 TOT

Tobi Olusodo: Both teams won their opening games last weekend and I think they will both go all out. But considering their respective attacking form, I will back Tottenham to get something out of this game.

PREDICTION: 2X (Away win or draw)

Tip: CHE 1-2 TOT



Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace started their Premier League Campaign with a defeat to Arsenal last week and it won’t get any better here going to Anfield to face Liverpool who dropped points against Fulham last week. It is going to be a difficult game for the Eagles and all I see is that they can do well not to concede heavily. Liverpool boss, Jürgen Klopp should start Darwin Núñez without a doubt after his performance last week against Fulham because they can’t afford to drop points here again even though they have injury concerns.


Tip: LIV 3-0 CRY

Tobi Olusodo: There’s not much to say here as this fixture has its outcome written all over its face. Both teams had a bad start and will be looking for a win on the second match day which will be down to quality difference between the two teams. I back Liverpool for a win.

PREDICTION: 1 (Home win)

Tip: LIV 4-0 CRY