About Us

Futbol Citizens was founded in 2018 and it is a top provider of the English Premier League predictions every Match Week. The site was originated by Oladapo Olajuwon, the site owner, who has been predicting games via social media for half a decade, having covered over 1,500 games. 


Futbol Citizens is a website that provides extensive analysis, verdicts, and betting suggestions from the English Premier League for football lovers and fans. 

We are exploring for ways to broaden the scope of the site, with plans including specialized areas for more leagues and beyond. We welcome your feedback and suggestions concerning Futbol Citizens, as well as links to football-related websites. 


Oladapo Olajuwon – Site Owner & C.E.O. 

OlaJesu Enoch – Web Developer 

Ogundairo Mobolaji – Graphic Designer